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Track your Compulsivity with Pattern Wise!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Track your Compulsivity with Pattern Wise! Compulsivity is something that affects us all to different degrees. Have you ever found yourself checking your phone over and over and OVER again, even though you know there is nothing new to see? Have you ever noticed that you check the door even though you know you’ve locked it? That you diet or exercise in a rigid way that is sometimes harmful to you?

Perhaps you sometimes over-indulge in drugs or alcohol even though you didn’t mean to? Do you find it difficult to resist biting your nails? These are examples of what we call: compulsive behaviours. From eating behaviour to your spending habits, compulsivity affects many aspects of our lives.

When you are acting compulsive, you engage in repetitive acts that you feel an irresistible urge to perform, which you have little control over. These acts are not in line with your goals and can have negative consequences for your life. Compulsivity can be the core and most damaging ingredient of mental health disorders, such as addiction, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

We have launched Pattern Wise, a new feature of Neureka that will give you a better insight into your compulsivity. This digital tool allows you to track your compulsive behaviours, thoughts and feelings, in realtime as they occur. The goal is to help you (and us!) to understand how and why compulsions develop, how they relate to other aspects of mental health and ultimately develop tools to help people break out of compulsive habits.

To complete Pattern Wise, we are asking you to rate your compulsivity three times a day over six weeks. Every time you use Pattern Wise, you will be shown a graph of your compulsivity, mood, thoughts and life experiences. While Pattern Wise is not designed to change your behaviour or to have any therapeutic effects, the graph will allow you to see patterns in your behaviour and feelings over time!

Download Neureka and start tracking your compulsivity today!

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