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Open Science at Neureka!

“Open Science” refers to a set of practices designed to make science more transparent, more widely accessible, and more collaborative. We strongly believe that science is better, faster and more efficient when researchers live these principles. Results should be open to scrutiny, techniques and technologies shared and research papers widely distributed.

Here are a few ways we deliver Open Science at neureka:

Transparent – We share both the data and the code we use to analyse our data so others can easily reproduce it and/or test new or better ideas than we had. We do this in an anonymised way, so your identity is not known to anyone who reuses the data. Find some of our projects on Open Science Framework.

Accessible – We post something called ‘pre-prints’ online before we submit almost all of our research papers. This means that the scientific community does not need to wait for the peer review process to finish to take a look at our work, and potentially use it to update, reconsider or double-down on their own ideas! For pre-prints of work not yet published, see our Lab Website. Here, we also post convenient PDFs of published papers for anyone to download and read.

Collaborative – Neureka took a lot of time, money, and sweat to create…. It took an amazing and dedicated full-time, in-house software developer 2 years to build. He worked daily with consultants from the ADAPT centre at Trinity, UX designers, mobile app testers, postdoctoral fellows, Atlantic fellows, research assistants and PhD students. We love what we have achieved and want to share it with others. That’s why we made the decision to make neureka available for other researchers to use, for free. Reach out to learn about how you can use neureka for your own study.

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